International Application

Conditions for Student Visa

All course requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Work rights (a maximum of 20 hrs per week) are available for full-time students with the required visa.
  • 100% class attendance is required. Less than 80% attendance, poor academic progress and or non-payment of fees will cause visa revocation.
  • Accurate attendance records will be kept (including non-attendance due to illness, evidenced by a medical certificate, or other exceptional compassionate circumstances beyond the control of the student. Documentation must be supplied by the student).
  • Overseas student health cover must be maintained.
  • Prior approval from DIAC must be obtained by student for any course or college changes during the first year of study.
  • DIAC will be advised of any change to enrolment, duration, poor attendance or any other condition required to meet the visa conditions.
  • A course can be shortened by transfer of credit and RPL (recognition of prior learning), Credit may be given for all units for which equivalence of learning is established up to a maximum of 50% for any given award. At the discretion of the Director of Studies this limit may be waived with the appropriate evidence supplied.
  • DIAC will be notified of any such changes.
  • Falsifying attendance or academic records will cause a student to be dismissed.
  • Deferment of enrolment in a course except on grounds of illness (evidenced by a doctor’s certificate) or other exceptional compassionate circumstances beyond the control of the student, will result in cancellation of enrolment & student visa.
  • ICCollege will require international students to provide confirmation of their address and phone details every 6 months. The student is liable to automatic visa cancellation if they do not inform API/ICCollege of these matters.
  • All courses offered to international students will be bound to the ESOS Act 2000.


Cost of Living

The cost of living is estimated as the following:

For 1 person only

Rent $120 – $280 per week

Food $60 – $100 per week

Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone $25 – $50 per week

Transport $15 – $35 per week

Other (entertainment, clothing, toiletries, postage, etc):

$40 – $100 per week

Medical consultation $32 – $68 per visit (General Practitioner not Specialists)

To get a better idea of what it costs an individual student to live in Brisbane, including food, transport, entertainment and other general living costs, go to the following websites: and

Any school-aged dependants accompanying international students in Australia will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non-government school.


Assistance for International Students
The Administrator will arrange assistance for international students including airport reception, visa requirements, accommodation, adjustment to local lifestyle and institutions, finding employment, welfare needs and counselling as necessary.

The Administrator is responsible for informing all overseas applicants of the conditions of overseas students’ entry to Australia and will ensure that students comply with these conditions.
Counselling by experienced staff is available for students.


International Student Handbook 

To gain a better understanding about what to expect at ICCollege, as well as what we expect of you as a student, please refer to our Student Handbook.

To obtain a copy, please contact the Administrator.