Student Life

To fulfil the objectives of ICCollege, students are encouraged to participate actively in a wide variety of activities and ministries. For every hour of class attendance, students will need to devote at least three hours per module session to private study. Students should prepare ahead of each lesson so as to allocate sufficient time to study.

All assignments have to be typewritten or neatly hand-written in the form set described in the ICCollege Student Handbook. Untidy work will not be accepted. In addition, plagiarism (i.e. the practice of using another’s word or thoughts as your own) is a major offence and students will be failed instantly. To avoid plagiarism, students must give credit to the sources, quotes and thoughts by using appropriate citing references when applicable.

Code of Conduct
ICCollege is a Bible training school for students, preparing them for ministry leading and preaching. As such, codes of conduct required of ministers are applied to our students and they must exhibit a consistent Christian lifestyle. Students are expected to comply with all ICCollege regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Consequences of Behaviour
Disciplinary measures for infringement of the regulations may be imposed. These could include:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Written warning with copy kept in person’s file.
  3. Work assignments
  4. Probation
  5. Suspension
  6. Expulsion
  7. In the case of cheating on an assignment, while all the above would apply, the student may also be asked to repeat the assignment.

Student Handbook
Each student will receive the Student Handbook upon successful admission to ICCollege. Many of the policies contained in the Handbook are also set out in this Prospectus. Where policies regarding refunds, cancellation, withdrawal from courses and applications within the Prospectus differ from the Handbook, then the policies of the Prospectus will prevail in order to be fair to applicants. Policies in the Student Handbook will be thoroughly explained to students on the first week of Orientation. Please contact the Principal and Administrator during office hours if you have any queries. All policies of the college are determined by the Board of Asian Pacific Institute Limited.

Weekly Schedule
Classes are carried out over one full day and two evenings a week, leaving other days free for church ministry or work commitments. Class schedules differ with each term, and prospective students are encouraged to obtain a proposed program outline and lecture schedule before the commencement of term.

Student Load
The normal student load is 7 to 9 credits per term. The minimum load for a full-time student is 7 credits. Students whose grades are sufficiently high, may, with permission of the Principal, take more than 9 credits.