General Application

Before completing your application, please seek the counsel of your pastor. Enclosed in the prospectus is the application and reference forms. Please complete and attach two official passport-sized photographs along with your statement of purpose and application fee. References are required from your pastor or a church leader, and should be mailed direct to the College by those persons.

When to Apply
ICCollege has four intakes a year – January, April, July and October. It is recommended that students enrol at the beginning of each academic year. Early application is advisable.

Prior Recognition
Anyone who feels that they can demonstrate skills & knowledge which are the intended learning outcomes of a particular subject can apply for “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL). Holders of qualifications in ministry or theology from other institutes may apply for credit transfer, at the discretion of ICCollege management. Fees apply. Please contact the Administrator for further information.

Spiritual Requirements
The requirements for admission to ICCollege are governed by its purpose, that is, to train ministers, missionaries and Christian workers. As such, it is necessary that applicants: –

  1. Demonstrate a genuine New Testament faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour;
  2. Exhibit a consistent Christian lifestyle – including to be free from habits of drunkenness, smoking, profane language, sexual sins;
  3. Are a member of and are involved in the ministry of a local church;
  4. Have a recommendation from the Senior Pastor or designated church leader of your local church;
  5. Express recognition of the call of God upon their lives.

Language Requirements
It is essential that all students are proficient in the spoken and written use of English. Where English is the second language of an applicant, and they are studying as an overseas student an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher is required unless otherwise stipulated in the student visa assessment.

Students will be assessed through the application process as to their literacy level via a core skills assessment.

Equal Opportunity
ICCollege will ensure that no applicant will be disadvantaged in any way because of their race, gender, age (recognising of course the minimum age), social or educational background or disability.